How well do you know Germany? Test your knowledge by selecting the right answers below. All the best!

Question 1: Who is Germany's current Ambassador to India?
Question 2: Which Bundesliga team flew in to New Delhi to play team India in January 2012?
Question 3: When did East Germany and West Germany unite?
Question 4: Who was the first scholar of Indo-European languages who translated and published Upanishads and Rigveda into German?
Question 5: Which of these is one of the most popular and largest festivals held in Germany?
Question 6: Which of the following is a famous German fashion company?
Question 7: Which of the following is a delicious German dessert?
Question 8: Which famous German automobile brand's name when translated into English means “The People’s Car”?
Question 9: Which American Jewish businessman of German origin founded the first company to manufacture blue jeans?
Question 10: What is Apfelschorle?
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